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Sextoy is an object mainly used to facilitate and improve sexual pleasure and orgasm, girls loves toys!. The Thai beads, or anal beads are sexual objects that consist of a rope (flexible or rigid) of beads which is inserted into the anus and then slowly removed to provide a very satisfying stimulation which produces stronger orgasms for both men and women. It is also possible to remove beads quickly during orgasm, thus multiplying the power of it. Thai beads can also be used during vaginal intercourse for a double stimulation, or shared between two partners who have half of the rope inserted into the anus, while playing each other's sex. Olisbos or dildo (dildo in English) is a phallic object, specially dedicated to penetration, used for sexual stimulation of the vagina or anus. It is generally shaped like a penis, usually fitted with vibrator or balls, it's design can take many forms, some more extravagant than others, some containing a small appendix dedicated to the clitor

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