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Amateur porn usually refers to homemade videos filmed with a camera or a mobile phone or scene where models or actors perform for free. Homemade porn has grown considerably with the release to the general public of simple and efficient means of recording videos. It is now the most developed genre of pornographic film because it is particularly suitable for internet distribution. Inexpensive, making an amateur pornographic movie requires no technical knowledge only the cash taken from sexual activities represented on the screen. But, what makes a good amateur porn video? Here are some tips: edit your film, use available light as best as possible, be yourself, don't move the camera... The Internet has become the world's playground for sex, amateur create videos footage using positions and techniques from pornstars videos they've the most enjoyed. So if you are single or a hot libertine couple, don t hesitate to upload your homemade porn or a sextape here, show us what you

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